Who we are

Mission statement

Make Cyber security affordable to any type of organization, regardless of its size and resources - this idea drives Cyber​​Quanti, start-up venture specialized in cyber security.

In a digital economy characterized by the growing interdependence of players, with increasingly complex chains of subcontracting, we wish to contribute to the overall rise of the level of security. Indeed, the security of a system is determined by the security of its weakest link. Thus, and as large-scale cyber attacks demonstrate, threats to very large companies are often rooted in attacks on smaller structures. There is an urgent need to act globally across the entire value chain.

The question of digital transformation becomes a question of survival even for small players. The technologies of Digital, in addition to their indisputable advantages, also induce risks associated with the use of new communication vectors: Internet, mobile, Cloud... We wish to support companies in the activation of this transformation by leveraging the cyber trust opportunities and protecting from Cyber threats.

Our vision

« If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it » P. Drucker

Just like anything else, we believe that the Cyber ​​risk cannot be properly managed without being Quantitatively assessed.

Based on some simple observations:

  • pressure of cyber threats that multiply continuously is increasing ,

  • cyber security management is an inherently complex process,

  • cyber security expertise remains rare and too expensive or even unaffordable for many players of economic and social environment,

we offer on-line services to measure this risk under its different facets:

  • measure the maturity of the protection system,

  • determine and quantify the risk,

  • propose solutions to control the risk.

Our services are provided online or in the classical consulting form.


Our expertise covers a wide spectrum ranging from executives advisory to technical implementation.

  • Maturity assessments

  • Risk mapping

  • Strategic roadmaps and support in program management

  • Security policies

  • Sourcing of solutions and services

  • Training and awareness

  • Scoping and management of compliance programs: PSD2, GDPR, PCI DSS

Our people

Adam Wojnicki, Founder CEO

Former information security & compliance officer (CISO) of a large multinational company, Adam has a proven track record in cyber risk management, resilience and compliance. As a strategy consultant, he advised executives (CEO, CIO, CFO, business departments, etc.) of some major companies, but also mid-caps and SMEs.

Specifically, he has developed a strong expertise in the conduct of strategic framing, evaluation, audit, scoping and program management assignments in the financial, energy and industrial sectors.

He counts among the very first individuals in France to have passed the CISSP certification in 2004.
Adam holds an engineer degree from INSA Lyon and an MBA from HEC Paris.