Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there only 4 starts in the CyberQuanti logo? Aren't you aiming a 5-star service?

Here below the most popular theories about the meaning of 4 stars in our logo

CyberQuanti value proposition is to fill the 5th star, because any customer has room for improvement? - Owner a of luxury holiday properties rental company

The five stars in our logo refer to our evaluation services. Our evaluation service "CyQeM" rates security practices over a 5 levels scale. The 5th star in this scale represents continuous improvement of a practice, in others words an active effort to improve the practice. Definitely each organisation has area for improvement in the field of cyber security, even though every customer does not need to achieve a 5-star "Fort Knox" security. CyberQuanti helps clients to define their protection ambition and appetite for cyber risk.

I don’t get the stars but I am not a cyber person for sure. Maybe I should hire CyberQuanti? - Manager in a top executive search firm

CyberQuanti aim is to help elevate the level of security of the whole economic system. This means helping both larger and smaller companies. Our approach to delivery of service makes cyber security expertise affordable to organisations of all sizes. Although more than useful to cyber experts, our services are designed for non expert customers, specifically business executives. CyberQuanti is definitely for you.

CyberQuanti is bringing security to reach customer satisfaction and reach the 5 star security client? - Financial manager in a top luxury company

CyberQuanti services are designed for both smaller and larger organisation, as well as for both advanced in security and new to the topic. CyberQuanti does not specifically aim 5-star security clients. However, through our services we help our clients to improve their security posture so to allow them to reach their 5-star security clients. In an increasingly digitized economy, cyber security becomes a business enabler.

No customer can afford CyberQuanti 5-star service because of outrageous daily rate so it goes straight to a 4-star offer to save them time …? - Sales executive in #1 CRM company

For a couple of years now, there is a persistent shortage of qualified security labor on the market. This leads to constant increase of daily rates and impossibility to fulfill all the market needs. CyberQuanti ambitions to solve this issue with an augmented consulting approach. Our solutions aim at providing a 5-star service at a 1-star price so to help as many as possible.

We see the 4th star but we don’t know if it is stick (thanks to CyberQuanti) or stolen (by hackers)?

In our "CyQeM" evaluation approach the 4th star applies to the situation where a tool-based automated controls and practices are implemented providing a solid protection. In our logo, the star is being stick so to symbolize the actual action of rating. But the level of security is not granted once for ever. The security posture evolves over time: hiring our services will help to increase the overall level (stick a star) while hacker actions may result in decrease it (tear off the star).

Fifth star was stolen by hackers, but CyberQuanti will return it to the client! Hire CyberQuanti before you lost all your stars! - Transformation Executive in leading Pharma

The security posture evolves over time: hiring our services will help to increase the overall level (stick a star) while hacker actions may result in lowering it (tear off the star). It is never too late to act upon protection against cyber threats. We definitely help to recover the stolen stars and even to add more of them.

The 5th star represents client satisfaction or something specific to the client as CyberQuanti brings the other 4 - Manager in Investment firm

The stars represent the action of rating. This rating is specifically given to the security practices of our clients during the evaluation. It is definitely something specific and even unique to our clients. The client satisfaction is achieved through our highly effective services.

Hackers are about to steal the fourth star!

The Stars represent maturity levels of our CyQeM evaluation service. The 4th star represents a solid and regular practice typically automated with a tool. Stealing the fourth star is about lowering the level of security which may result of hacker action.

The stars flash one after the other with the temperature gradient

The 5 stars actually align into a 5 level scale of evaluation in CyQeM evaluation. They represent the actual action of evaluation in our logo.