CyQeM - Evaluation of security level

The CyQeM assessment measures an organization's ability to resist main cyber risks. It assesses the maturity of existing security practices according to specific criteria. It covers various use cases and easily adapts to different organizational contexts.

This evaluation approach capitalizes on more than 15 years of experience. It has enabled many organizations (large groups as well as SMEs) to define a structured approach to cyber risk management.

It is particularly effective when it comes to:

  • capture existing security practices in a rapid and comprehensive way,

  • analyze their relevance and assess their robustness,

  • carry out a sector benchmark as well as a benchmark against best practices,

  • highlight the existing gaps so to define a pragmatic action plan.

CyQStrat - cybersecurity strategy

Most often a CyQeM evaluation is driven by a need to engage an improvement plan. In addition to the evaluation, we propose tailor-made assistance:

  • Cyber ​​strategy advisory taking into account the specific industry, the associated compliance constraints and the particular risks identified

  • Design of a road-map or of a fully fledged master plan detailing projects and budgets

  • Sourcing of security services advisory

  • Assistance in the implementation and management of the improvement plan

CyQRisk - Risk mapping

Effective management of the cyber risk relies on a detailed understanding of it. Understanding a risk involves determining the threats that could cause it and identifying its potential business impacts. Knowledge of risks allows introduction of the risk-benefit balance into decision-making.

Risk mapping is an important but not essential exercise. Carrying out a CyQeM assessment alone already allows to identify many improvement areas and directly engage an action plan. For those willing to go further in risk management, we offer various services:

  • Risk mapping of cyber ​​risk and more generally of operational risks including cyber

  • Advice and assistance in the operational implementation of ​​risk management

  • Advice in decision making regarding the risk treatment

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